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Microblading is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. It involves using a handheld tool with tiny, fine needles to create small incisions in the skin, depositing pigment into the upper layers of the eyebrows. This technique creates individual hair-like strokes that mimic the natural look of eyebrows. Microblading is used to fill in sparse brows, reshape or redefine the eyebrows, or create a fuller and more defined appearance. It is a semi-permanent procedure and requires regular touch-ups to maintain the desired results.

Microblading & SHADING


 The brows will be microbladed with hair strokes first, the shading will add to tail areas that are needed to blend everything together. It's typically add to the body and the tail of the brows and benefit most for clients with less hair to none.

Microblading & oMBRE Combo


Combo brows are a combination of microblading and powder brows (shading). There are microblading hair-like strokes from the beginning to the middle of the brow to give the brow a natural look, which then transitions to a powdered effect to the body and tail of the brow to give the brow more fullness and density.



Ombre brows, also known as powder brows or shading, is another technique used for eyebrow tattooing. Unlike microblading or nano brows which create fine hair-like strokes, ombre brows achieve a soft, gradient effect that mimics the look of filled-in eyebrows with makeup. The technique involves depositing pigment into the skin using a machine or manual hand tool, which creates a more solid and defined appearance. The front of the brows is lighter and gradually transitions to a darker shade towards the tail, giving a subtle and natural-looking ombre effect. Ombre brows typically last longer than microblading or nano brows, with results lasting up to 2-3 years before touch-ups are needed.



Can help change the shape of your eye. When applied properly it can make eyes to look bigger and more noticeable. Eyeliner can also be tricky to apply. For a simple long lasting solution, semi permanent eyeliner can help. This is a simple treatment that involves adding a fine line to your top or bottom lashes, using a pigment colour of your choice. And unlike using a pencil or liquid liner, the effect lasts for about 3-4 years.

lip blush


These simple yet effective treatments redefine your lip shape, volume and Cupid’s bow. In a little over an hour, this treatment will make your lips look fuller and more define. Semi permanent lip liner is available in a choice of colours and shades that complement your complexions so that your lips look luscious with or without make up.Not only does the procedure perfect the shape and symmetry of your lips, but also it is smudge proof and cannot be licked off, thus ultimately saving you from time spent endlessly reapplying lip colour.



Advanced Dermapen Micro-Needling with Growth Factors

Micro-needling, also known as “collagen induction therapy” (CIT), is a minimally invasive, non surgical procedure for skin rejuvenation.  It involves the use of a micro-needling device, (manual or electronic) to create controlled micro-injury which, in turn, helps the skin to help itself.  Simply put, microneedling is the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin for the purposes of rejuvenation. The micro-fine needles that range in diameter from 0.5 and 2.5 millimeters. But if the prospect of multiple needle wounds sounds slightly ominous, rest assured, the punctures are more like pin-pricks that enter only skin deep.


Each fine needle creates a channel, or micro-wound to the dermis.  This controlled micro injury triggers the body to stimulate the wound healing response. Fibroblasts and growth factors are stimulated to fill these micro-wounds with new collagen and elastin.  In addition, new capillaries are formed leading to greater oxygen and nutrient absorption for a brighter complexion.  A course of 3- 6 treatments leads to a reduction of scarring and stimulates skin rejuvenation, with improved skin texture, firmness and pigmentation. Creating controlled micro injury to the deeper layers of the skin, without the removal of the healthy surface layers, as with other resurfacing techniques, means there is rapid healing time and the preservation of protection from the environment.


Growth factors are a group of specialized proteins found in many different cell types within the body. They have many functions, with the most important being the activation of cellular renewal. Their job is to turn essential activities within the cell ‘on’ or ‘off’ to help each cell function as it had in its prime. Playing a variety of roles, they help to maintain the skin’s youthful appearance by increasing cell renewal, cell defense, blood circulation and collagen and elastin production. Growth factors are large proteins that aren’t likely to penetrate intact skin. Therefore, growth factors should be used when the micro-channels are open (up to 20-plus hours after the micro-needling procedure). One study found that micro-needling allowed growth factors to penetrate into the dermal tissues instead of sitting on top of the skin’s surface.


​At The Brows Academy, we recommend using AQ Recovery Serum as part of your micro-needling procedure to magnify the results of the needling procedure. This pharmaceutical grade serum contains a high concentration of growth factors and other active ingredients to enhance the skin’s natural process of regeneration and repair. These processes promote collagen production, healthy circulation and encourage cellular renewal, which makes the AQ Recovery Serum the perfect addition to the micro-needling treatment.​


​Growth Factor (GF) Enrichment is an effective and biocompatible method of using the body’s natural healing power in a highly concentrated manner in order to rejuvinate and tighten skin Growth Factor serum is 400% stronger than any other method including PRP, a small amount is infused into the dermis where it activates powerful growth factors that stimulate new collagen production. The newly produced collagen begins to plump the skin and reverse the visible signs of aging

alkaline removal


The Alkaline tattoo removal system is a unique method of tattoo ink extraction which is designed to completely remove your tattoo ink pigments from the body. The treatment has been extensively researched, developed and tested for over ten years, and in use worldwide for over eight years.


The treatment utilizes similar methods as having the original tattoo. The removal formula is delivered to the ink using a tattoo or permanent make-up machine, therefore the treatment can only be performed by a trained tattoo or permanent make-up artist or medical professional. The extraction cream is specifically designed to blend with and capture the original tattoo ink.


The formula then forms into a thicker substance which the skin easily pushes out taking the captured tattoo ink with it. A number of treatments are normally required to completely remove a tattoo. After the treatment course is finished the skin should return to its natural state over a period of months*. There are numerous benifits to this method of removal compared to other methods.


The Alklaline Removal treatment is substantially less painful than other removal methods and the treatment course and subsequent tattoo removal is typically much faster and more effective than other solutions and laser removal options, including effective removal of all tattoo colours (non color selective).


Think of a lash lift as a perm for your eyelashes—after your treatment, you'll be left with fuller, longer-looking lashes that mimic the effect of an eyelash curler, says Brown. The semi-permanent process lasts for weeks and it's a great solution for folks with naturally straight eyelashes or anyone who wants an extra lift.

Lash lifts use a perming solution (the most popular being thioglycolic acid) that works to break the bonds of your lashes to reform their shape, leaving your hairs with a more lifted appearance. 



Brow lamination is a non-invasive, perm-like hair treatment that involves styling the eyebrow hair into the desired shape, making it look polished and sleek. The process helps the eyebrow hair stay in place and helps unruly brows hold their shape. The treatment can sometimes be paired with a brow tint to give you the look of bushy brows. The chemicals used to achieve laminated brows are similar to those of a lash lift.

The brow lamination (or eyebrow perm) technique is suggested for people suffering from thinning or unruly eyebrows, as well as those who want to wear less makeup and save time in the mornings before leaving the house.

Permanent Makeup Class


Our microblading, Ombre Shading, Nano Brow, Lip Blush & Eyeliner beginners courses break down everything you need to become a successful and professional microblading artist. Hundreds of students have taken our classes over the years with high satisfaction and excellent results. Some of the benefits you get when enrolling in our courses are:


·        Hands-on programs facilitated by master microblading artist Vicki Nguyen

·        Room Set-up, Business Set-up, Inspection, Licences

·        Learn how to properly design the perfect brows (Difference between Microblading, Ombre Shading,  Nano Brows, Lip Blush, Eyeliner)

·        Product Knowledge ( all tools Vicki uses. Needles, blades, etc...)

·        How to do emergency removal

·        Color Theory, Color Correction ( proper pigment selection to match clients' skin tone)

·        Pre-Care, After Care, Consent Forms, Infection Prevention Control Plan

·        Skin type, Skin Depth, Consultation (clients prep, contraindications, common mistakes to avoid)

·        Tray Set-up & Clean up ( properly disposing of sharps)

·        Photography ( learn how to take photos to showcase your work the right way. Access to Vicki's favorite editing apps)

·        Brow Mapping demo and hands-on practice ( different case scenarios, using string & tape method)

·        Learn Vicki's Microblading, Ombre Shading, Nano, Lip Blush, Eyeliner (hands-on latex practice)

·        Live Demo ( watch Vicki perform a demo on a live model from beginning to end)

·        Live models to practice on. This is super important so you complete the training with the confidence required to master this craft

·        A printed manual so you can always refer back to the training as a refresher -Our professional kits include a machine and everything you need for your first 15 clients

·        Detailed and easy-to-follow marketing Tips, Brand Building & Growth Strategies ( Vicki's insider tips will help you to generate new customers right from the get-go.)

·        Students are welcome to come back for shadowing (watch us work on clients at our facility as a refresher for no additional charge)

·        Students can use our facility to book clients and start working right away even if students don't have a place to work out of. Hands-on help is available upon request.

·        Students can book clients to our facility for additional hands-on help with their clients

·        Q&As , Graduation

·        30 Days of Online Class Access ( upon request)

·        Unlimited Support (lifetime support after training is complete)

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