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Suitable for students of beauty schools and tattoo beginners to practice permanent makeup, can easily create eyebrows and perfect lips, can practice different eyebrow techniques from shading to the contour, which is ideal for beginners and tattoo artists. Realistic surface consistency and human skin simulation, which is great for practicing for you and improving your skills in a comfortable and safe way.

1). Made of soft silicone: The head of the mannequin is made of high quality material, the silicone material is soft, flexible, durable, safe, non-toxic, odorless, harmless and comfortable to the touch. 
2).Multifunction: Good for tattoo practice, eyelash extension training, make-up practice, face painting, massage practice. great for cosmetic school, beauty salon and home use.
3).Convenient and reusable: You can use the practical skin head for many times and it could be used repeatable. and the stains are very easy to remove, clean and save time. after painting or making up, you can use the hot water wash.

The practice skin is made from the advanced science and technology material, and manufactured according to the people's skin. Its thickness and elasticity can control the depth of the needles stabbing into it, and at the same time can make the students found their mistakes easily and correct them in time so as to improve the students operating skills rapidly.

Premium Quality 5D Facial Silicone PMU Practice

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